1. old work. commission (sort of). also, hey, I’m back!

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  2. nhils:


    Basically every animation student is freaking out right now

    Still relevant, more than ever.

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  3. I know some of you followed me because of the winter olympics drawings, and the hockey ones. 
    So here’s another one, but with a goal this time : EA games organizes a contest this year again to decide which player is going to grace the cover of this year’s NHL. There’s 8 players involved, and two of them are super-duper cool, starting with PK Subban, who is 1)A fantastic player 2)The nicest, chillest, best guy out there 3)A Montréal Canadiens player, aka one of my favorite teams 4)Hot (let’s face it). 
    I could go on but basically, it all comes down to this : vote for him! Yay! 

    You can vote here or just tweet something with the hashtag #NHL15Subban 

    For once I don’t care if you take this off my blog, tweet it, repost it, do whatever you want as long as it’s not derogatory towards the player or myself. (It’d be cool if you decided to reblog is though)

  4. themarginistoosmall is a beautiful person. I drew that ages ago but never posted it!


  5. Speak your language day! French!

    Je ne poste pas de texte ici, habituellement, mais j’aime bien cette initiative, alors voilà : je me retrouve à écrire continuellement en Anglais, sur tumblr, twitter, le net en général, et j’ai toujours peur de faire des erreurs. Au moins avec le français, même si 90% de mes followers ne me comprendront pas, je peux m’exprimer plus facilement… 

    3 de mes amis ont réussi l’écrit du concours de Gobelins! Je suis super fière d’eux. 

    Je suis très occupée en ce moment, mais mon stage à Cartoon Saloon s’est vraiment bien passé, même si la semaine qui a suivi n’a pas été drôle pour moi, c’est pour ça que je ne poste rien ici :( Désolée! 

    D’ici ce soir j’essayerais de poster plusieurs choses, promis!


    I’m BAD at gifs. How do you guys do it? anyway it’s late, I can’t sleep, I wanted to share bits of what I’ve been doing lately, apart from being sad a lot.

  7. I saw this and laughed for 10 minutes straight because, seriously, ringlets. (though he’s lucky, many struggle to achieve them and he’s a natural).

    sorry about that, non-hockey friends. In other news I’m in Ireland, doing an internship for Cartoon Saloon (I’m painting backgrounds) and it’s SO COOL.

  8. yay more girls doing music (16 left to post)

  10. hey this thing is making me crazy so I thought I’d share it with you. I’ll delete it tomorrow but in the meantime you can imagine me suffering on it. 

     (still not finished but I’m getting there) (also missing : front view, start, stop)