1. yay more girls doing music (16 left to post)

  3. hey this thing is making me crazy so I thought I’d share it with you. I’ll delete it tomorrow but in the meantime you can imagine me suffering on it. 

     (still not finished but I’m getting there) (also missing : front view, start, stop)

  4. I thought I couldn’t draw hockey players because I basically never draw this kind of strang-jawed, muscular people. Plus hockey gear is like, the weirdest thing ever. But trust me to find anything to escape my animation assignments haha

  5. I’m at my dad’s so no tablet and no photoshop. I got the gouaches out and had to clean those in gimp. Seriously, gimp.

  6. I’ve been re-reading Hikaru no Go and, god, those two. I’m terrible at doodles but STILL. Getting it out of my system, hopefully?

  7. yeah well I guess I’m watching the olympics like everyone else. Some figure skaters had really cool costumes.

  8. These were for a zine but the project fell apart. There’s still two missing, might do them later.

  9. I also finished this.

  10. So! I did this! It’s off-model, I suck at animation, basically, BUT I’m still happy that I finished it :)