1. Sorry this post is so long (open images in new window for better quality, tumblr apparently decided to butcher them :().

    I don’t really have proper words for this thing, just that it’s about something very important in my life, and after ten years, I’m glad I could finally write this.

    Magnus is a great opportunity for the chess world to evolve a little bit : he’s young, he’s charismatic, and he’s got a great public image. I’m really glad that he won, even though his opponent (Vishy Anand) is a fantastic and lovable player as well. 

    I know this “letter” will not reach him, but it wasn’t really written for him. For other players, yes, I guess? I’m sad that I don’t have much friends left in chess so I can’t give that to the community. So this is for you, comics/illustration lovers from tumblr <3

    Thanks a lot to Martin and Valerie who helped me translate it <3 All mistakes are mine, though, since I changed the text so much!


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    I know a little girl who’s really into chess right now. She’s too young for competitive play, but she’s not too young to...
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