1. So I have a friend. We both love pretty girls quite a lot and we enjoy drawing them even more. We did those pinups a few months ago when we were bored during economy class, when she drew the bodies I put clothes on them and vice-versa.

    She has an awesome blog, too. And because she’s freaking amazing I’m going to post her movie tomorrow.

  2. I went to a Garbage gig a few month ago, I came back even more convinced that Shirley is a goddess.

    If you follow my other blog you might’ve seen this already but I lack material for the whole month so i’m reposting it here! 

  3. Once I decided I sucked dramatically at drawing clothes and fabrics. So I tried to use, you know, actual references. Now I have some pretty dresses in my sketchbooks but I still don’t know how folds and things work. I used Ivy’s dresses as references, check her out, she does a pretty good job!

  4. Just don’t ask me why.

    I think it has to deal with a ritualzzz song? Or another witchouse band? Probably.

  5. I think this was based off Shaynii who posted on a cgl drawfag thread once. Her Asuka is so pretty! 

  6. Just random sketches I did last year, this page is an excerpt from a portfolio I sent to a school. Luckily they liked it.

  7. Old thing, reference is a Sartorialist post.