1. I didn’t want to post those but I have no new things to show you (will scan new drawings tonight, though. Yay! traditional!).

    Character design class, I fought with the teacher A LOT because we had to draw “a pin-up” (how bad is that? :/ seriously). I gave up and drew what he wanted in the end, I was weak, heh.

  2. First page :) I am still very busy! love you all, thanks a LOT for the support, I am amazed every time I do a “personal” post to see that you react and talk to me, wow.

  3. What I’ve been working on for a while. It’s in french, sorry! I pulled an all nighter to finish these on time .__.
    It’ll be printed, along with my classmate’s work, in a “newspaper” (same format & paper as one) and I can’t waiiit because everybody worked so hard on these, it’ll look amazing!

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  4. I have a printing/print class this semester, I’m done with the actual printing part so here’s the result! 

    It’s a CD case for Villagers’ beautiful song “Earthly pleasures”, one of my favorite tracks on their new record. I still need to do a booklet, add the text with a stamp, but the most difficult task is over! I used two different plates for the red and black, and changed inks because my first red turned out super pale. (what a difference 2 euros can make!) Making everything fit was honestly super hard BUT I like how it turned out!

  5. Hey look! It’s the lovely Kima and Christopher!

  6. color tests for 27 strangers! I seriously have the best teachers in the world :) Michael helped me A TON on this. I decided to do everything digital once again, though…

  7. I should’ve drawn everybody with legs, heh. Still 20 to go, but I’m really happy with the first 7 ones. I’m trying to have people as diverse as possible, but I’m also using my own sketches from the metro :)

  8. As promised! Story board of my current project (based on 27 strangers, a song by Villagers). It’s messy and not very precise but it shows everything I need to know :)

    The final version will be done in watercolors (or at least I hope so)

  9. Some sketches from references for an upcoming project. It’s based on Villager’s song “27 strangers” and will be 12 pages long. Maybe I could post the story board if you guys are interested in my work process? What do you think?

  10. I’m working a lot lately, so I have lots of stuff to show you guys (still need to answer some asks/mail, sorry!).

    This piece is a fanart for a friend’s character (You can find her story here, but it’s in french), my class is working on a zine and since we were missing a few pages I did this to fill in the blanks!